The Xmas Effect

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“Every choice you make will have an effect on your future.”

If your life is mapped out for you, what happens when you unknowingly change your path?

The holidays are a time to make memories, while Alexis tries to forget the prior year and the devastation that followed her last Christmas.

One year later, Alexis is forced to make a choice, but every choice changes the future. With every decision, everything that Alexis has ever know comes crashing down in a whirlwind of romance, lust and the unknown. The small imbalance sends Alexis through realities that she may not be strong enough to survive, without Travis.

When the past begins to repeat itself, Alexis does what she has never done before; she creates a Christmas effect.

1 review for The Xmas Effect

  1. Karen Preiato

    This story has it all. I don’t know how Virginia Johnson was able to combine multiple genres in to one book but she succeeded with The Xmas Effect. It is a super seductive read with an incredible sex scene that will have your knickers melting right off of you, a hot as hell hero and a mind bending twist that I didn’t see coming.
    So if your looking for a book that has a storyline that is going to challenge you with trying to figure out just how it will end then this is it.

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