M**ST (Bad Words Made Funny Book 3)



Again… This is an informational and probably inaccurate guide to using the word MOIST.
Please – Don’t rage – You want to laugh for all of 15 minutes, and you know it.
The only reason this book exists, is to help you find 15 minutes of laughter in an otherwise depressing day. Think nothing more of this $0.99 of entertainment ONLY! You have been warned – Don’t rage!

Have you heard the word MOIST and wanted to slap the smirk off of the person that was delivering the offensive descriptive statement? I have and I though to myself, “For all that’s good and holy, say it in a different language so I have no idea what you are saying!”
Fortunately for you, I have given you the translations to avoid being slapped.
Unfortunately for me, they are going to have to use one of the other languages than the 40 that I have given you.

There is only so much someone is meant to take when hearing this word. I have given you the insight to what a woman is really thinking when a man uses this word in the wrong context. You know what I mean.



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