B*TCH (Bad Words Made Funny Book 4)


This book is intended for mature audiences. When I say mature, I mean those that are capable of deciphering the difference between sarcasm and offensive. This book is no different than the rest of the series. You will barely learn anything from the quality of his book. If you are lucky, you might actually laugh – proving that you are not the b*tch that inspired this book.
*no real person exists and if you believe they do – read the copyright*

B*TCH is a pretty universal word. It is used in its English translation more than any other ‘BAD WORD’ that I have written, yet. If you will learn anything from the 40+ translations in this book, DO NOT, under any circumstance, call a woman a B*TCH in Dutch. Apparently, if you value your face and hair you will take that advice!

Also, do not expect to gain much educational value. It is intended to be sarcastic, humorous and a waste of 15 or-so minutes.


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