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*Contains GRAPHIC content*

Girl meets Boy.
Girl falls in love with Boy.
Boy uses Girl.
Boy pissed off the wrong Girl.
Girl gets revenge.
Revenge is not as sweet if you have your own secrets to hide.

Aspen was a girl that fell in love with a boy incapable of loving her. She spent years fighting for everything that was taken, unwillingly. There was no way to take back the night that haunted her, even after removing the nightmares that were supposed to fade with the death of Tracy. She had a plan, she had the weapon, she ended the life of the man that ruined her…but she was wrong.

Ethan watched as Aspen killed over and over again before going separate ways. He poured the gasoline as she struck the match until his past caught up with him. As she tore the soul from anyone in her way, no man or woman was safe as long as she was free. Years went by without a single word, leaving only a body count along the county highways. He followed her path, documented her victims and knew it was only a matter of time before she would come for him. He was right.

Aspen was not done, she was bored and was moving way too close to Ethan and his secrets.

1 review for Cessation

  1. Karen Preiato

    4.5 Stars

    I have been following Aspen and Ethan’s journey throughout the two previous book.
    Vindicate (book 1) and Expiate (book 2) and Cessation (book 3) Re outstanding.
    Sure Aspen and Ethan are both up to no good but in a good way. Sure there’s plenty of blood, guts and gore, oh and sex. Of course there’s sex but not how you would expect. Surprise! You’ve been warned.
    I really liked Aspen in this book she was so badass.
    Thanks V.J for bringing us a fantastic read

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