C*CK (Bad Words Made Funny Book 6)


This is for entertainment purposes only! This book is not to provide you with anything other than a realization that 99 pennies are going to be needed to make up for this purchase. You have been warned. Good news? it is on KDP so you don’t have to feel like you made bad choices. You will, however, learn to say the word cock in 40 languages. YAY!
This book contains adult content. It is not, at all, something that should be read by children – unless you are a bad parent and want your youngsters to learn about anatomy from someone like me. Good Luck with that!

This book is a cocky take on the word cock. It is a word that is generally used to describe a part of a man’s body. The part that has the ability to overthrow the king of the body (brain) and make bad decisions.
It is also the perfect word to describe disgust towards someone. You can decide how to use it in your own day to day, but remember – THIS IS NOT AN ACCURATE EDUCATIONAL TOOL. There may be some inaccuracies… No, there are going to be inaccuracies.


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