Virginia Johnson

Virginia is a mom to two beautiful children and resides in Minnesota.
Any spare time is spent running Drama Free Book Community, Indie Book Netword, Tampa Indie Author Book Convention, Facebooking and being told what to do by her PA, Janneke. <3 

A love for reading and writing is a new concept for Virginia. Before the Twilight rave and a need to know the ending after Eclipse was released in theaters, Virginia preferred to watch the movie or convince a friend to read the book for her.
Needing to know the story of a random homeless man that she encountered on a freeway exit ramp, was the only reason she began writing in the first place. Soulless Nights spawned from the unknown story and a dare from her friends.

She has had the pleasure of working with some of her favorite authors. Street teams, beta reading and cover modeling were what led her to the world of writing. 

She also currently PA’s for Kyle Perkins

She has released Soulless Nights, Vindicate, Expiate, Cessation, Always Never, Secondary Silence, Secondary Disaster, The Xmas Effect, The Blood of Abigail and the Bad Words Made Funny Series! She also has co-written 3 books:  Seraphines (Julia Clare) ,Bound by an Echo (Julia Clare) & Kepler: Humanity’s Ark ( Kyle Perkins )

She is currently working on Correcting Code novella’s