Acceptance (Correcting Code Book 2)


Fear the present and learn from the past.

Jane died her ninety-seventh death while being contained in the biodome.

The will to survive was stripped by the hands of the only person capable of protecting her. With death at every nightfall and unanswered pleas, Jane thought she knew what she wanted…

Until now.

John was granted his request, “Give me something to live for.” A future that he didn’t realize could exist was held in his hands and died with what remained of his defiance.

For the first time since his arrival, he is willing to make a choice.

The secrets that were hidden within the dome are now ready to test Jane’s mentality and John’s endurance.

Containment was easy; Acceptance can destroy them.

Neither are prepared for what they will find deep within the code of the biodome.

Step into book 2 of this sci-fi thriller and uncover the secrets hidden in plain sight.


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