Secondary Disaster

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“You don’t have to say goodbye, but it’s easier if you do.”

Being a vampire was supposed to be easy. Hunting, feeding and preying on the weak are the simple ways to survive in a world of chaos and evil. The hard part was something Drake had avoided for centuries, alone.
Having a seer meant responsibility and protecting her. In a world where being selfish was acceptable, he was forced to protect a stranger. His stranger.

Emma had hopes and dreams; ones that never included a head-on collision with a swerving semi. Her fears had controlled her life, never once breaking or allowing relief. Accepting her fate as a ghost, Emma thrived on fear and curiosity. Coming face to face with Drake was the one thing she could’ve lived hundreds of years without, but he had other plans; ones that were bigger than both of them and it was time to say goodbye to everything she wanted.

Seeing for the undead was enlightening, being torn away from him was catastrophic.

She made her deal with her Devil and nothing was getting in her way.

Except one…

1 review for Secondary Disaster

  1. Karen Preiato

    Reading Paranormal books is not my ‘go to ‘ genre but when V. Johnson writes about a certain wickedly HOT vampire, particularly named Drake, I’m excited.
    So for a quick, hot read with so many feels, this is for you. I loved it.

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