ASSH*LE (Bad Words Made Funny Book 5)


Not intended for underage viewers
Adult supervision is advised!

***This book is a sarcastic educational and (probably) inaccurate reference guide ONLY!!***

It is not intended to provide you with any sort of value or brain power. Actually, I can almost guarantee you that it will do the exact opposite. If you spent the whole 99 pennies on this book, remember that I am not to blame. I didn’t hit ‘one-click’ – YOU DID. Ok, carry on.

We all know that person. The one that prances around like Adonis but has the personality of Satan? The person that no matter how many times you try to excuse yourself, they keep talking about themselves in the 3rd person cause their anus tightened up with their KLOOTZAK? (see Dutch translation)
You know exactly the kind of person I am talking about. That person was my inspiration for this book, ASSH*LE.

With nothing more than an urge to throat punch someone and a bank account that says, “You can’t afford bail,” I decided that I needed to know how to properly label an assh*le in public without major confrontation. Don’t get me wrong, someone is going to know what you are saying. Use these translations at your own risk. I am not responsible. DO YOU HEAR ME… I am not responsible for the whooping that you may or may not receive when using these words. Keep in mind, the person in question probably already knows that they are an ASSH*LE.

With that warning, I give you 40 new languages and a little sarcasm in regards to the word ASSH*LE.


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