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Bound By An Echo
By Julia Clare and Virginia Johnson



Twenty years wasn’t long enough.
Laurel escaped her past and the horror that threatened to plague her future. She was happy with her dream job, fame and friends but she knew a piece of her was missing; that piece was Rory and he came with a binding echo. Twenty years ago, Laurel was forced to leave the only person that cared for her; protected her.


Rory never did leave; he stayed exactly where she could find him. He waited knowing that the girl that got away would return… eventually. What he didn’t expect was for her to walk through the door of his bar, days before an echo of their past was to boom through the mountains and mirror the moment that tore them apart.


The day Laurel left was the last day laughter was heard in Crater City.
It was also the last day The Crater City Carnival had ever opened.
Now, twenty years later, the carnival will reopen for one week only, bringing two lost loves back together and a mystery they both tried to forget will be brought back to life.
Will Rory and Laurel survive… again?

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