The “how to” Guide to The Ohm Wallet.

To help you understand the processes that the Ohm Wallet offers, we have designed an easy to use guide meant for the newest of users to understand. Although, there are many ways to collect Ohm, buying the coin is always on the mind of many new to the coin market. Without a friend or family member, this process can sound both timely and exhausting.

Our guide will include everything that you will need to get started on your path to owning Ohm. There are many different levels of expertise, varying from beginner to professional. The intention of this guide is to help everyone through the process with ease.

We do understand that some prefer using other exchange sites but this is the general guide to starting your coin adventure.

Downloading the Ohm Wallet

  • Visit the Ohm Wallet website to download the wallet for your preferred operating system. The following system applications are available for download
    1. Windows
    2. Mac – beta
    3. Linux
    4. Github
  • Set up your wallet with a password. Remember that your password is unable to be recovered. If you neglect to remember your password, you will lose your Ohm balance. This has proven to be common amongst other coin wallets.
  • Once the wallet is downloaded it will sync. If at any time the syncing process stalls, close the app and restart it. The sync will resume. Occasionally this needs to be completed and is normal to the wallet.
  • You must encrypt the wallet.
    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Click Encrypt Wallet


  • Unlock your Wallet every time that you restart your application.


  • The wallet must remain unlocked and running for the minting process to begin and continue. *coins take approx. 8 hours to mature prior to minting* **Also, you must have coins in your balance**
  • Leave the Ohm Wallet app open on your computer and let it begin doing the work for you. This requires nothing more from you.

You have completed the download process of the wallet. Collecting and purchasing coins will be outlined throughout the guide.



S.V.V. is an alternate reality game (ARG) that is in partnership with Ohm Wallet to provide a reward based system designed to enhance the experience of the game by providing a monetary reward in the form of Ohm. The reward varies on the task and the creativity, but there is opportunity for the everyday person to play the game and collect Ohm coins.

Apply and begin your ARG experience with S.V.V.



L.A.M.B. is the bridge between S.V.V. and Ohm Wallet. They believe in rewarding 1,000,000 acts of kindness with 1,000,000 Ohm. They collect and document the acts on their website proving the positive impact he L.A.M.B. initiative has on society, one small act at a time.

Ohm Wallet supports the initiative and has partnered with L.A.M.B. to better humanity through the acts performed by being the form of reward to the participants.

The Ohm coin can be collected by having an Ohm Wallet and submitting documentation here.


Purchasing OHM Coin

To purchase Ohm as a beginner – Follow these steps from Coinbase to Nova Exchange to Ohm Wallet. Don’t panic. There are steps that you will need to complete within each site, resulting in the Ohm ownership.

Coinbase 1

  • Visit Coinbase at –
    1. You will need a Coinbase account and a payment form. When setting up this account, make sure you complete all required fields as soon as possible to make the process easier for your ability to purchase.

Coinbase 2

  1. Create your account.
  2. Add your form of payment ie: bank account, paypal, credit/debit card.
    1. Credit/debit card payment options will approve more-timely than verifying your bank account.

Coinbase 3

  • Purchasing Bitcoin is the next step. You are given the option to buy the coins in USD. Choosing a value, $20, $50, $100, makes it easier to purchase bitcoin.
    1. Click on the Buy/Sell tab.
      1. This will open the Buy and Sell option. The left corner box will allow you to purchase Bitcoin. This is necessary to purchase Ohm. The process may change in the future.

Coinbase 4

  1. You will choose the domination of USD that you would like to use to purchase Bitcoin.
  • Buy Instantly will purchase your desired amount.

Nova 1

  • Open a new tab – Visit Nova Exchange at – to begin the process of buying Ohm with your Bitcoin purchase.
  1. Sign up by clicking on Create an account near the bottom of the page.
    1. Complete the form in full and ensure that you remember the password. The passwords for these sites cannot be recovered.

Nova 2

  1. Once you have signed in you will need to generate a Wallet for Bitcoin (BTC)
    1. Click – Wallets
    2. Click – Balances

Nova 3.jpg

  • Scroll down to the BTC – Bitcoin tab.
  1. Click on BTC for options.
  2. Select Deposit BTC
    1. With this option, the wallet will auto generate. Direction is to Verify the accuracy and COPY the Address.

Nova 4.jpg

  1. Copy the address.

Coinbase 5

  1. Return to your Coinbase Tab
    1. Click on the Send/Request Tab
    2. Paste your Nova BTC Wallet Address as the recipient.
  • Choose the amount of BTC you are sending to purchase Ohm.

Coinbase 6.jpg

  1. Send Funds
  1. Check your email. You will need to confirm this transfer before the Bitcoin will be sent to your new wallet.
  • After confirming the transfer, you will return to your Nova Exchange Tab.
    1. Check the BTC tab for a balance. Once this has been received to your wallet, you are ready to purchase Ohm.
      1. Click on Wallets.

Nova 5.jpg

  1. Scroll down to OHM
  • Click on OHM tab
  1. Select the BTC Market option. *This will open the BUY option for Ohm* You are using this market because you will be exchanging Bitcoin. If you are using another option ie: LTC, you will choose that option.

Nova 6.jpg

  1. Enter the amount of Ohm you are intending to purchase.
  2. Click Buy OHM
  • This will add the OHM to your Nova Exchange OHM wallet. You will need to send the OHM to your Ohm Wallet.


  • Open your Ohm Wallet.
    1. Click on Receive Coins on your top bar.
    2. The series of numbers shown is your Ohm Wallet Address


  1. Copy this address.
  • Return to the Nova Exchange Tab
  • Click on Wallets
  1. Click Balances in the drop-down menu
  2. Your Nova Exchange Wallet for OHM will show a balance
  3. Click on the Wallet – OHM

Nova 6

  1. Click Withdraw OHM
  2. This will open a similar screen from Coinbase>Nova

Nova 8.jpg

  1. Paste your Ohm Wallet Address in the recipient box.
  2. Select the amount you would like to move to your Ohm Wallet
  3. Complete the form and click Withdraw OHM
  • Return to your Ohm Wallet


  1. The transfer may take a few minutes
  2. It will show ‘uncomfirmed’ – This is ok. It will apply to your balance.
  • Once your coins have confirmed and been applied to your balance, you are done!

Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of Ohm coins!

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