Reviews or Something like it!


Consider this…

You, as a reader, want to buy a book. You turn on your kindle or Nook and you browse, right?

Some of you actually browse reviews, as if they are your deciding factor in purchasing a book. You see a 4-5 star average and think, ‘This must be a great book’, sound familiar? Sometimes you’re safe to buy the book; other times… You’re buying a book that has bogus reviews. Examples…

1) Readers don’t want to offend an author that they are friends with

2) Readers want to support their author.

3) Authors ask for 3-5 stars, anything less should be discussed directly with the author. (What?)

4) Not your genre.

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1 thought on “Reviews or Something like it!”

  1. I had to stop my SO from reviewing my book. I wouldn’t let her anyway, but she was trying to do it before I even had my first sale. I was like ‘Hey! I’m sure that would put up warning flags or something’! I think they’re cracking down on that anyway.

    Happy writing love!

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