Jaded Reader Confesses to Poisoning an Author at a Signing

If you thought that keyboard warriors weren’t bad enough, now some readers/authors have moved on to poison.

I suppose the next time that you decide to take a sip from your coffee at a signing, you might want to consider how much time you want to spend in the bathroom or at the hospital.

A group that has encouraged “confessions, compliments and complaints” has posted an all time new low. This one is downright uncalled for.

Am I risking my life by pissing people off with this blog post? Maybe… Especially the anonymous reader that’s not allowed to sit with the cool kids at lunch. But this begs to ask the question, are authors safe at signings?

Regardless of the actual and accurate side effects of Visine in beverages, she implies there was an issue and she’s glorifying it. Visine can do more damage than diarrhea… Google it, this could’ve been much worse.

My opinion… Stay the fuck away from me. Whoever you are, you’re the worst kind of person that I can think of in the author/reader community. So, you’re not liked? Get the fuck over it. Not everyone is at your emotional beck and call. Actually, no-one needs to pander to your sensitive little ego. Sounds like you should be happy that ANYONE is talking about you, even behind your back!

Now that I’ve addressed that…

Authors, If you’ve ever pissed off a reader/author, good fucking luck meeting them in person. You might find yourself in a shitty situation. (Total pun intended) 🙂


May have been an author. (The group has helped to edit my words for me. I mean, authors aren’t readers so, how dare I assume)


9 thoughts on “Jaded Reader Confesses to Poisoning an Author at a Signing”

  1. Omg omg. This is odd because now that I think abt it, this could have happened to me. I was at an event this year. Although I don’t bad mouth ppl but coffee and a donut was the only thing I ate. I remeber leaving my coffee to check out the fruit selection and then coming back. An hour later. I was in the bathroom
    I almost crapped on my self during the discussion panel.
    Now you got me thinking…

  2. I saw this, and was astonished! I can’t believe this person thought a reaction such as that was acceptable behavior. I can only hope that the author is not ill and they are able to possibly figure out who did it, so they can cut all ties with this individual.

    1. Are you implying authors aren’t readers? If you want to use my words, please use, “But this begs to ask the question, are authors safe at signings?”
      This is what people are missing. This isn’t about a random anonymous post. It’s about the mindset of someone, somewhere, that thought this shit up. It’s obviously crossed someone’s mind.
      Oh… Authors are readers, too.

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