Vampire vs. Human – Who do you think will prevail?


Have you seen Buffy: The Vampire Slayer -The Movie, not the TV show? I have and I had some vampire questions in regards to others take on vampirism. I decided to ask Aaron L. Speer, being he is an author of some petty badass vampires! I don’t usually do random blog posts, but this bit of randomness brought out answers to questions that I am sure others have had. So, what started as a quick question in a facebook group, ended in a pretty cool interview! Take a look!!


Help me out here!!.

I was thinking about Vampire vs Humans. Of course, I would immediately go to Buffy, so work with me. Lol
If she had no powers and nothing other than trained fighting, would it be possible for a human to kill a vampire?
And if not, why would a vampire humor a human… Play with them like cat and mouse?

Pardon my randomness. Lolol

Aaron L Speer Yes it would, but difficult. There are many instances where a human has no extra powers or magical abilities and made great hunters.
James Woods in “Vampires” for example. I think it would be best to arm the human with as many gadgets or weapons as feasible though to make the match up more interesting and even.
The odds will always favor the vampire though in my opinion

As for the second part, a vampire has just as much if not more ego than us. They live forever and are strong, fast and cunning. Some will kill quickly sure. Others, need to be entertained and even challenged.


Made me think… If the strength is beyond a human, skill would have to be the dominant feature. But… How would a human acquire that skill if a vampire isn’t supposed to exist?


Aaron L Speer Good question. Why are there martial arts disciplines these days? For defense. For mind, body and spirit. For exercise etc.
There are shooting galleries for people that wish to learn
There are self defence classes because unfortunately they are necessary with regular assholes. The time comes when you might need to defend yourself.
It isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that there is a need for extra training. Not for the possibility you might find yourself in a bad situation, but counting on it. Knowing it’s coming


I’m asking you because I like your version of a vampire, if skill is needed, would a human want to possess strength, speed or smarts?
Seems like all of the above, but a human won’t be stronger than the traditionally written vampire.

Aaron L Speer Smarts. In my world, smarts will always hold a trump card.
A vampire craves blood to survive. That craving can cause cracks in the psyche. A human with training and skill, doesn’t have the over confidence they will win.
A vampire doesn’t usually fear a human. But they should. There is no guaranteed tomorrow for a human. That’s why the best of us fight with everything we have, anything we can use.

“It’s not about working harder, it’s working smarter”

So knowing your opponent… What if you don’t know the best way to defeat them? Like, for a woman, sex appeal could trump smarts.

Aaron L Speer It could, but in a way is that not being smart?
If it’s pussy and blood the vampire craves, knowing that and using that is a tactic. Whether it gets past the stage of actually having sex is something you’ll have to decide.
But there is no better way to get a man’s defenses down when his pants are the same way. Human or vampire.


Now… Twilight. HAHA.
Is it really possible to conceive with a human/vampire?

Aaron L Speer No. Just….just fucking no.
It is not scientifically or logically possible. A vampire is a dead being. They shouldn’t be able to sport an erection let alone produce baby juice

Do you hate me yet? Haha

Aaron L Speer Actually I dont hate you. This is fun

Virginia Lee Johnson Lol. I hoped you were ok with this.

As for sex… You write about baby juice being blood. I’ve never read it that way, but it’s more logical. Is that your take or did you read or see that somewhere else?

Aaron L Speer I can honestly say as far as I know I came up with it. I also believe I came up with the idea that they needed to feed to get aroused. In any other incarnation, Buffy, Twilight, True Blood etc they fuck like regular humans but pregnancy has been a very sparing issue. Angel did it, through magic and Twilight did it. Coz Meyer…just coz Meyer

I could be wrong though

Killing me😂😂😂
Ok. Can a vampire feel real love for a human or is it lust? You’d think that knowing they will out live them, unless they plan on changing them, it would only be heartbreak. And… Do vampires ‘feel’ more than humans? Emotionally?

Aaron L Speer Another great question. To my mind, yes they can love as deep if not deeper than a human.
Their hearts don’t beat, but who’s to say it’s not a soul they fall in love with?
For one that has walked the earth for hundreds of years, killing and feeding, the idea they find one, maybe more, but the romantic in me says one human. One that they have never encountered before, that electrifies them. It could be anything. But a vampire has seen so much, and to be thrown by a supposedly petty human is as strong a declaration of love as I can imagine.
Outliving is a constant thing in vampire fiction. Which is why turning was such a temptation and romanticized so heavily, to live forever with the one you truly love.

Why garlic and holy water?

Aaron L Speer Holy water was from a Catholic stand point and folklore. Holy water was supposed to burn a vampires skin.
Basically a line of thought to bring one’s faith back to god for protection. Crosses repel them. The communion wafer etc
But that’s almost all gone now.
Garlic is because it was a common remedy to repel mosquitoes many years ago. Bram Stoker tokened it and it took off after that.

Does it actually repel mosquitoes?
Would you say there is an actual commonly found ‘device’ that would kill a vampire? At least injure one?

Aaron L Speer Lol have no idea re garlic
That’s a tough one. Some vampires are hurt by silver. But I use that for werewolves. Most you’ll find are staked (except mine) and decapitation works for everyone except Alucard.
But the one thing that seems to work in some way throughout all fiction is the sun. Or at least UV light.

That’s a common weapon, the sun. Why would Meyer make vampires sparkle?

Aaron L Speer The scene where that happens was the infamous dream she had where a glittering, stunningly gorgeous teenage vampire fell in love with her. *ahem* Bella. No fuck it. It’s her. She’s in love with her own creation.
It has been mocked ever since.
At best it is a unique take on vampires in the sun.
At worst it is the most illogical plot point ever devised in fiction. They hang out with humans, at school, all day. And NO ONE notices sparkly skin? The town of Forks is covered in fog that blocks out the sun 24/7?????

Lmao! Same thought!
I think I got everything I need. *doubt it* But, back to the beginning… If a human woman were to even hold her bladder long enough to try to seduce a vampire, how difficult would that be? And based on your books, what would a vampire find seductive?

Aaron L Speer Depends on the vampire.
But women have a kind of advantage in that they will always be the choice of a male vampire, unless they’re gay. You find it alot, that males feed off women. They smell better, taste better and scream louder.
The act of feeding, hell of biting someone’s neck is almost orgasm inducing right there. I don’t know of many women that dont get wet thinking of a gorgeous alpha male using his mouth on just that right spot on your neck. His lips, tongue and teeth. Now think that to being a vampire. Hungry for what you have.
Holding you in place, taking what he wants. Penetrating you. You shouldn’t want it, but you do. Vampires get aroused at the sounds a woman makes. Feeding has always been a very erotic thing
Dante likes kindness. A good heart. He’ll only feed from his donor and engage in a naked ritual with them. Bringing them to orgasm with his fingers and biting them just as it hits. The sensations for both are better than any drug.
Julian doesn’t give a shit. He kills whatever he eats.
Lee likes a nice ass

I like Julian… And Lee for that matter. Lol.
Now… Since it wasn’t intended to be this awesome, can I post this on my blog? Lmao

Aaron L Speer Of course

Aaron L Speer Julian has no care for humans and doesn’t fuck them. They are food and therefore beneath him.
Lee desires pussy and that’s pretty much it. He feeds every few hours during sex so he can keep his erection going

Virginia Lee Johnson Love these two! Really! Julian was my favorite in Day Dreamer.


I really wasn’t looking for an interview… Just info. Lol
Thank you!


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