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Tampa Indie Author Book Convention

by Kyle Perkins

A little back story about the convention, as well as Virginia Johnson and I. In January of 2016, I became an author, and shortly after, Virginia became my PA. So, we had to navigate the indie world together, like two baby deer learning to walk. At first, like all people getting into this business, we were super optimistic. Who wouldn’t be? I published a book. Not many people can say that they have the patience for that. Writing a book is a big deal, it’s sharing a piece of your soul with the world, and asking the world to judge it. We have always received great feedback on our work, and grew to love the community…

Then, we started learning of the inherent flaws in a predominantly online business. Setting aside catfishing models, shady PAs, and plagiarism, we noticed a huge problem within our community. It was…

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Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 3.

My very bizarre interview. Lol

Author Kyle Perkins

by Kyle Perkins

Time for our weekly Bizarre Interview! This week we have the amazing Virginia Johnson!

Question 1: So, what kind of stuff do you write?

I write erotica, suspense and horror. Dabbling a little in sci-fi.

Question 2: What is your idea of a horrible date?

Hmmm… Being forced to spend any amount of valuable time with someone that has no personality or sense of humor. Basically, I’d rather drive thru at Taco-Bell with someone that makes me laugh rather than dine in at an expensive steak place with someone I imagine drowning as they talk.

Question 3: Do you put out on the first date? lol.

Not a chance in hell. A man has to earn that trust. If I have no idea where your dick has been, I’m not going anywhere near it. Besides… I’m not easy.

Question 4: On a scale of 1-Mortified, how embarrassed…

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