PA’s with an attitude ruin it for the GREAT ones…

Well, this is going to piss off a few people but now I am affected by the bitterness and unprofessional actions of others we have considered members of our community.

I can’t believe that this is what I get for trying to help a member of the indie world that was desperate enough to reach out after a blog post that I wrote. It’s sad that I’m having to deal with the backlash from the negative views of others and the angry friends that they share. Rumors are wrong only because my comments were deleted and I was blocked. I’m sharing them because it’s not my fault that I was asked to help.

I am going to start with the facts in this matter,

A review was left for my book Vindicate. Coincidentally on the same day I chose to speak up against a few individuals – Karen Jurgenson and Kate Stone. *pics from comments on their walls*


1) Look at my “Yawn” review. Happens to be posted by a person with a chip on their shoulder. As you can see, the same reviewer posted on the same day that an Author, J.J. Melvin, had an altercation with a PA, Karen Jurgenson PA. I will go in to more detail on this as we go. I did some research and found that I may not know the person that posted it, because they are a coward and uses ‘Kindle Customer’ as a review name, but…. There are more reviews posted by the same person. One in which directly mentions the lack of support they were willing to give (same day as mine) because the indie community “knows why.” Do you know why? I do… I will get to that.


This one was left for JJ Melvins book.
Later in the review leaving, I stumbled upon a review for another book. The author, Luke, had no problem calling out his reviewer by name, Lucy Sparks. *see pics*


Same reviewer, no purchase, same bullshit review for a non-book related reason.
2) Last week I was approached by an author, JJ Melvin, that was concerned with the support she was receiving from a PAID marketing and promoting PA, Karen Jurgeson PA. She expressed her concern for the lack of work that she had paid for. For those of you that know me, I am incapable of denying a person in need of help. So, I asked for the background and the agreement. I have received what I needed between the Author and the PA. My suggestions were to reevaluate her PA decisions following the 9 day term set between the Author and the PAID PA. I even found her someone that has been successful with other authors in the indie community.
This is where it gets fun!!

The PA refused to contact the Author in regards to the marketing strategy nor could she provide receipts or supporting documentation for the services she claimed to have rendered resulting in the Author taking other actions against the PA. As you can imagine the PA chose to blast the author on social media rather than talking like adults and coming to a resolution. This had a negative reaction from PA’s, authors and bloggers. This is where Kate Stone and Lucy Sparks are involved, only helping to prove Luke’s comment on the review just might be more accurate than I thought.


Bloggers posted on social media their outrage against This author and directly allowed posting about ‘blacklist’ group. My name had already been mentioned in these comments. *see pics*
Did I mention there was a NDA in place? Oh… yeah. There is and now the PA is trying to cover her ass by deleting all of the negative posts and slandering comments made against the Author. But, this is Facebook and I have learned that there is always a screenshot.

3) Did you know there is an Indie Black List? Apparently you can be nominated in to this list and be smeared within this particular group of select individuals. There is enough info for this one in the screenshots. Go crazy trying to figure that out. Some are against it and some support the hell out of it. I guess I made that list when Vindicate got slapped with a “honest” review.

I will apologize for not blacking names, but I wanted make sure there no question as to who and where these comments were taking place. Entire stories important.

I shouldn’t need to do this because at the time it didn’t have anything to do with me. THEY DID THIS, NOT ME. I didn’t ask for this, I only did what anyone else should have done… Helped.

Indie Community, ENOUGH!

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Well well, it’s been about 7 seconds since the last outrage in the IC. This is getting old. Very fast.

What amazes me about the IC is despite its ability to bring out some truly, wonderfully selfless and kind people, it always manages to turn in on itself like a pack of hyenas. One person makes a negative, almost abusive comment about an author, a book, a PA or whatever and it’s a free for all. Truth, decency, common sense, professionalism all out the door as the mob scramble over each other to attack the next target.

In this past week ALONE, a book was pulled off Amazon for featuring the topic of rape. The notion it was romanticized, which outraged enough people (based on a FB post) to have that book become boycotted by the IC. Here’s the thing. Before it got boycotted, it became a best seller. The…

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Four Points is LIVE!

Four points Chapter 1-10 is live now!!

Get an early glimpse at before the full book releases!!

First time being called pretty. First crush. First flutter of anticipation for a first kiss. First boy to kill himself inches from her lips.

In the Four Points we enter the world of a young teenage outsider and her struggle to be accepted—her struggle to accept herself. But ERIKA is far from a regular teen. Erika hears people’s thoughts. She has blackout spells, waking up in places with no idea of how she got there…and strange, inexplicable things keep happening around her.

On the first day of 11th grade, Erika is compelled to intervene during a mass shooting at her high school. She is reluctantly propelled into the spotlight, a place where she is profoundly uncomfortable. A series of strangers start to enter her life…all connected by an odd symbol—a DIAMOND containing two eyes—a symbol similar to the birthmark on the back of Erika’s neck. One of these strangers is a gorgeous young man named LIAM, who shares the very same marking. Erika will soon find out that she and Liam are, in fact, at the center of a worldwide struggle. They are part of a secret society of “Diamonds” chosen to protect the world. And Erika is the “Western Point”.

As the battle heats up, Erika’s instinct to push people away will be tested when she falls for Liam. Erika struggles to face the demons within her, the fear of being abandoned again. Erika must choose between the risky path of love and the familiar call of the Collector—a sinister, seductive immortal. Will Erika learn to trust? Will she ever feel worthy of Liam’s love? Or will she let her insecurities, her fears, destroy the world?received_1793983137529239

I really hate to do this..

Author Kyle Perkins

By Kyle Perkins and Virginia Johnson.

When I see something wrong happening in our community, I call it out. Now, some may hate me for that, but my hope is that far more people appreciate it. I feel that authors should all have a fair shot at success and have the tools and right people in their corner to do so. That being said…

There are a few shady authors out there, and I have highlighted them in detail in my catfishing article, which was promptly ignored by a vast majority of folks that still follow authors like this. You can’t help everyone, right? However, there are still some of us that believe in the integrity of this industry and want to warn people away from situations that could severely hurt their business. You can only lead a horse to water, though.

But this isn’t about authors, this is…

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PA’s – Listen up, you might not like this!

As you all may have noticed, my PA articles are a hot ticket on this site. I have another one for ya, brace yourself. You may have missed the vaguebooking memo that I posted a few days ago, clearly stating that I was sick and tired of the bullshit lies developed only to bring self-gratification to the liar in the bunch. I helped collaborate on a blog post recently, and I know the message was delivered, but what happened after the blog was the eye opening part.

As a PA, we have responsibilities. With responsibility comes accountability. What does that mean? Well, if you are asking yourself that question, please continue and pay attention – you are the one that I am talking to.


Think about this.

There are certain occupations that are plagued with questionable ethics from the get go. For example: car salesman, lawyer, insurance broker, banker and mechanic, just to name a few. There is a reason that these occupations immediately raise a red flag and it has to do with the way that they choose to conduct business, right? So, basically, if you are going to buy a car and the salesman starts offering you extras and tacking on things you don’t need, would you be surprised? No. No, you wouldn’t. A mechanic is the perfect example of business ethics hell. Let’s say that you go in for your oil change and they start talking tires, brakes, coolant, wiper blades, discs, rotors, batteries, and whatever else they think they can get you to give them more money, right?

To my point, there are many integrity-challenged car salesmen and mechanics out there, that we have all dealt with at one time or another. Because of this experience, we rarely take the advice of a mechanic due to what we have either experienced or others have rumored about.

This holds no bearing to the indie world, right? You couldn’t be more wrong. The actions of others in the same career as I am, have decided to add ‘author PA’ to that list. Who’d have thought that being a PA would be a questionable occupation? Ahhh, there are a few PA’s out there that are as detrimental to this job as a bad mechanic or salesmen. Just like honest mechanics, there are good PA’s. The problem is that the rumor mill fills with a little unleaded and starts spitting shit out of it like a kid after Halloween. Shit everywhere, and no one knows where to start with cleaning it up.


PA’s – This is for you.

I am a PA first. You can ask anyone that knows me, including my co-author, that has waited days for a chapter from me because I had an event to plan or a book to beta, I will always be a PA before I am an author and I take my job very seriously. This is why I get so fucking pissed off when I see an author being abandoned or dismissed for the next best thing. This isn’t a playground for people to be a super star and take on as many authors as you can, knowing damn well you can’t handle the work load. Having five authors isn’t a respectable thing to do.

We, as PA’s, know you are not doing what you are being asked to do. How do we know this? Because we know what FB jail looks like after pimping ONE author per day. If you are lucky, you might be able to squeeze in a couple street team posts before being locked away for 2 weeks. We know that you haven’t read the books you are promoting because there is ZERO excitement in your posts or comments. We know you are not fully supporting ALL of your authors to the potential that you are needed because they are asking PA’s, like me, for help when you get burnt out and can’t suck your pride up enough to admit it. They would rather make up a “poor me” story and ACTUALLY convince people to buy the wheelbarrow full of horse shit LIES you have concocted! SHAME ON YOU!!!

Good PA’s aren’t stupid and the smart ones don’t want to make any waves either. Why? Because we are a direct reflection of our author(s). I have faced the one thing with this job that will follow me forever, my name will always be “Kyle’s PA.” Do I care? Nope, because as I am a reflection of him – he is a direct reflection of me. It’s how it works. So, remember that the next time you want to talk shit about your author. Maybe they are choosing NOT to talk shit about you.

When you bad mouth an author that you once worked for, you are reminding your new author that it will happen to them next. If they are over 19 years old, they will see it as a warning sign and they will start to look at the bigger picture. Some authors are so desperate for help that they hire you just because you are cheap and willing, but there is no forethought to the future of their own career. Congrats – you are like the drunk girl at a frat party that has a little bit of black mail because you were trusted but you have no loyalty.

They actually hired you because you were willing to help them, build their business, support them and create an empire of their own (not yours). There is a difference and the job needs to be taken very seriously. Does that sound like an easy job? If you answered “YES” you need to click here.

I have heard horror stories about PA’s jumping ship because things got hard, they had another offer that sounded cooler at the time, the next male author summoned you (dick chaser) … Trust me, I have seen it all. You can deny it all you want, it’s true.


Authors – This is for you – 

If you hire a PA, know their background. You are handing everything over to a person that you may have never met and know nothing about. Ask around the community – I guarantee there are forums for this. Most PA’s can provide references, prior work related skills, and success rates. If they cannot, reconsider this person immediately. Hell, facebook stalk them. If their wall is covered in whiny, bitch posts (especially about a fellow author) filled with comments supporting a behavior you would rather not have representing you, I’d move on.

Also, keep in mind, unless you treat your PA like shit, it is not your fault. If you are treating your PA like shit, others have already noticed and the PA won’t need to blast you all over facebook because you are already a douche in the business.

Don’t give up trust and faith in the community as a whole after being wronged. I know for a fact, there are great people and PA’s out there with the desire to help you.


Finger pointing has begun, I can see it already –

“She works for a male author, who is she to say anything about being a dick chaser?” You want to know what I have to say about this? Fuck off. 1) I had no idea who he was or what he looked like. 2) I knew I could do this job. 3) I came recommended by a respected PA in the community. 4) I am damn good at what I do. 5) I am not poaching other authors like the last sausage in the auction. 6) I have had the opportunity to work for HIGH PAYING authors (male ones, too), and turned them down because I actually give a shit about my job. In the actual workplace – HR doesn’t humor or even hire “job jumpers”. They are unreliable, not loyal and shows definite signs of trust issues.  *I’m sure a nerve was struck with someone reading this*

In short – PA’s give PA’s a bad name. They also affect the overall impression of our position. Top being a liability to the great PA’s out there. If you don’t want to do the job, or can’t, move the fuck on. Find an author that needs only pimping done – on second thought, don’t take that job, you aren’t doing that for the dozens of authors you are helping. How about you find someone that only needs beta reading. Better yet, become a beta reader… or just a reader. Stop making the PA’s out there, that work 24/7/365 to support their author, LOOK LIKE THEY ARE THE PROBLEM. I can assure you that they are not. Shame on you!