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Bound By An Echo
By Julia Clare and Virginia Johnson



Twenty years wasn’t long enough.
Laurel escaped her past and the horror that threatened to plague her future. She was happy with her dream job, fame and friends but she knew a piece of her was missing; that piece was Rory and he came with a binding echo. Twenty years ago, Laurel was forced to leave the only person that cared for her; protected her.


Rory never did leave; he stayed exactly where she could find him. He waited knowing that the girl that got away would return… eventually. What he didn’t expect was for her to walk through the door of his bar, days before an echo of their past was to boom through the mountains and mirror the moment that tore them apart.


The day Laurel left was the last day laughter was heard in Crater City.
It was also the last day The Crater City Carnival had ever opened.
Now, twenty years later, the carnival will reopen for one week only, bringing two lost loves back together and a mystery they both tried to forget will be brought back to life.
Will Rory and Laurel survive… again?

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Major update to the venue and site!

Tampa Indie Author Book Convention

Virginia and I did a tour of the place we originally considered for the event and found that it may  not be able to hold all of the people we are planning to attend. Now, while CL Space was a great location, we found an even better one that will meet our needs for the event. We will now be going with Chic-Venue in Tampa. We sign the contract tonight with them, and the venue is a major upgrade. (You can see the details on the main page)

A lot of people have signed up for this event and are coming from around the world. To make it easier on everyone, especially locals, we have decided to make the event a one day event, with the option of a meet and greet on Saturday. This will cut down the cost of hotels for people traveling from around the…

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Why it’s practically impossible to host a first year indie event anymore.

Author Kyle Perkins

by Kyle Perkins.

Time for another rant.

So, this year Virginia Johnson and I are hosting the Tampa Indie Author Book Convention, and we have had our ups and downs. From trying to find a place that could house all the people we expect to attend, to finding the right authors for the event. Throw in catering, swag, music and I’m basically planning my first wedding.

However, it’s practically impossible to do since so many people have scammed authors out of their money in the past. When I first started the event, I didn’t even consider that aspect of it. I had forgotten that in the last year, several hosts have just up and bailed on everyone that paid in advance, and took the money with little consequence. So, naturally, I don’t blame authors for being hesitant.

Now this creates an automatic distrust in event coordinators, which is a…

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The dark side of America.

Author Kyle Perkins

by Kyle Perkins.

This is going to be a bit of a rant, so forgive me.

The United States has had its problems since its conception. From slavery, to the great depression, to pretty much spawning ISIS. Though, I’m not here to talk about how we thwart leaders in other countries, and arm rebels that end up eventually using those weapons on our soldiers, or how we police the world in general. Instead, I am here to talk about Reagan and his trickle down economics.

Everyone remembers the Reagans fondly, and some even think he was the best president in the last fifty years. However, his plans ruined our economy. See, the point of trickle down economics was that they could give huge incentives and tax breaks for people that owned large businesses and the people on Wall Street. That extra money was supposed to trickle down to the middle…

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It’s release day!

So excited for this book!!

Author Kyle Perkins

Make sure you grab a copy of Teabreeze: Part Two today if you have a chance! We put a lot of work into the book and we hope you all enjoy it as much as you did the first one.

***Trigger Warning*** This book contains adult content. Reader discretion is advised. This is book two in the Teabreeze serial, many events and references will not make sense if you have not read the first installment.

It has been a long year for Alex and Eve. Rebuilding their relationship and forgiving each other for past mistakes has proven to be a rocky road. They’ve endured bitter therapy sessions and blame throwing – all while the world goes to shit around them.

As it turns out, escaping Teabreeze was the easy part.

To top it off, bizarre things start happening a little too close to home and it becomes more difficult…

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